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What does business casual dress mean?  Chances are, if you ask ten people you will receive ten varied answers.  That is why this particular brochure is probably the most important one, at this time, in Norton Ditto’s Library of Dress.  For most of Houston’s business environments, we recommend wearing a sport coat for the majority of the work week.  Some individuals have expressed concern about wearing sport coats because they do not want to appear to be “overdressed” around their work mates.  It is important to remember that a person should never apologize for displaying good manners or dressing properly.  Besides, “following the crowd” is not a substitute for good taste.

Nevertheless we realize that the dress code for many offices is a sport shirt and trouser. If that is the situation in your office, then we encourage you to follow the guidelines and suggestions listed below. But first, why should you wear a sport coat?


There are four reasons for wearing a sport coat to work.


    1. It helps to communicate your serious attitude and respect for the work place.
    2. It will help to distinguish you in a tasteful manner.
    3. It will enhance your personal appearance. (This is not all bad!)
    4. It helps to promote your leadership image.*


*Although casual attire is accepted in many of Houston’s corporations and businesses, a suit or coat, to many people (consciously or sub-consciously), still represents an authoritative image.



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