110th Anniversary Alumni Party

In celebration of it’s 110th anniversary, on April 25th, 2018 Norton Ditto held its Alumni Party for current and former staff members who have “roamed the halls” of the stores at some point in their professional career.   The party was held at 506 Main street, one of the very first buildings that the company used at the beginning of last century.  More than 120 Alumni showed their faces and reconnected with friends of the past and made friends with the new.  Among guests were Phil Ditto, Bill Walker, Marcia Wilson, the Hite family, Roger McMahan, Marco Perez to name a few.  Stories were told, laughes were shared, and the whole party was such a delight.

Norton Ditto back at it’s Roots – 506 Main st.
Norton Ditto, then Barringer-Norton, on 506 Main st. sometime in the 1930’s.



Roger McMahan
Alumni Ladies with Pat Patricio!
Sharon Lewis Scot
Dick Hite
Queen Jackson, Jolene Nixon
Dan Richter, Mary Weiss, Marcia Wilson, Amy Denton, Bob Denton
Gill Fitzgerald, Heidi Hite
Bill Lasseter
Bill Walker, Dan Richter, Kathy Park, Greg Toth



Gina, Jill & Phil, Heidi, Dick
Richard Hite jr, Marco Perez, John Hite




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