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110th Anniversary Alumni Party

In celebration of it’s 110th anniversary, on April 25th, 2018 Norton Ditto held its Alumni Party for current and former staff members who have “roamed the halls” of the stores at some point in their professional career.   The party was held at 506 Main street, one of the very first buildings that the company used at the beginning of last century.  More than 120 Alumni showed their faces and reconnected with friends of the past and made friends with the new.  Among guests were Phil Ditto, Bill Walker, Marcia Wilson, the Hite family, Roger McMahan, Marco Perez to name a few.  Stories were told, laughes were shared, and the whole party was such a delight.

Norton Ditto back at it’s Roots – 506 Main st.
Norton Ditto, then Barringer-Norton, on 506 Main st. sometime in the 1930’s.



Roger McMahan
Alumni Ladies with Pat Patricio!
Sharon Lewis Scot
Dick Hite
Queen Jackson, Jolene Nixon
Dan Richter, Mary Weiss, Marcia Wilson, Amy Denton, Bob Denton
Gill Fitzgerald, Heidi Hite
Bill Lasseter
Bill Walker, Dan Richter, Kathy Park, Greg Toth



Gina, Jill & Phil, Heidi, Dick
Richard Hite jr, Marco Perez, John Hite




Gianni Manzoni Light Gray Dress Trouser
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What trousers are best for traveling?

There are two major considerations when selecting trousers for traveling: comfort and the ability to resist wrinkles. As mentioned before, fabrics such as worsted wool, microfiber and gabardine will hold up the best and are comfortable. Keeping the climate in mind, choose trousers that will mix and match with coats and other accessories. Darker colors will show less wear.

LLS Man of the year 2015
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Norton Ditto’s John Hite named Man of the Year

We are proud to announce that Norton Ditto’s John Hite, an associate at the West Alabama at Kirby Drive store, was awarded the title of Man of the Year from the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

John competed with nine other gentlemen to earn the title. John raised over $75,000 in a ten week period. The winner was announced Friday, June 5th, at the LLS Gala held at River Oaks Country Club, where over 500 supporters attended the spirited event.

Norton Ditto, established in 1908, has maintained a long-term commitment of encouraging employees to become involved in their community. John remarked that “Giving back is just part of the Norton Ditto culture.”

Congratulations, John Hite!

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Selecting A Trouser

The trouser plays an important role in contributing to the proper business casual attire. If you decide not to wear a sport coat, the trouser plays a more significant role because it becomes increasingly noticeable.
Year-Round – In Houston, lightweight gabardine and 8-9 1/2 oz. worsted wools are recommended. Also, these fabrics are preferred for dressier occasions. The new micro fiber material can be made into a nice trouser. If choosing one for the office make sure you pick a lightweight quality micro fiber. They are great for traveling.
Spring/Summer – Quality linens and high-grade cotton fabrics are important. If you desire a khaki cotton trouser choose a quality pant and have it cleaned and properly pressed after wearing. The problem with most khakis is that after several “home” washings, they begin to look a little rugged, like nice yard pants!

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Business Casual


What does business casual dress mean?  Chances are, if you ask ten people you will receive ten varied answers.  That is why this particular brochure is probably the most important one, at this time, in Norton Ditto’s Library of Dress.  For most of Houston’s business environments, we recommend wearing a sport coat for the majority of the work week.  Some individuals have expressed concern about wearing sport coats because they do not want to appear to be “overdressed” around their work mates.  It is important to remember that a person should never apologize for displaying good manners or dressing properly.  Besides, “following the crowd” is not a substitute for good taste.

Nevertheless we realize that the dress code for many offices is a sport shirt and trouser. If that is the situation in your office, then we encourage you to follow the guidelines and suggestions listed below. But first, why should you wear a sport coat?


There are four reasons for wearing a sport coat to work.


    1. It helps to communicate your serious attitude and respect for the work place.
    2. It will help to distinguish you in a tasteful manner.
    3. It will enhance your personal appearance. (This is not all bad!)
    4. It helps to promote your leadership image.*


    *Although casual attire is accepted in many of Houston’s corporations and businesses, a suit or coat, to many people (consciously or sub-consciously), still represents an authoritative image.



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